Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cal is 2.

I took Deuce to Cal's 2nd birthday party a couple of weekends back. I seriously think that this was the most kids his age that Deuce has ever been around at one time. He had so much fun! I believe Carrie said that there were over 20 kids at one point. When we first arrived we were met by the huge fire truck that sat out in front of Cal's house.
Then we made our way inside the house where Deuce and a bunch of the other little boys played with Cal's new train table. Those boys were too cute, making "zoom" and "choo-choo" noises while they pushed their little train cars around.
Cal has every toy imaginable. The boys were just tearing up his playroom, pulling out everything they could find. Deuce spotted a huge stuffed dog over in the corner and he kept looking at me pointing at it shouting "dog!"
So then we went outside to Cal's amazing back yard. It's so perfect for the little ones to run and play with minimal supervision. It didn't take mister very long to discover every single ball in the back yard.
And then he found one of those Fred Flinstone cars. I don't think he had ever been in one of those. And let me tell you, I couldn't get him out of that thing. I think he spent at least 75% of the party "driving" around the yard and laughing at himself.
And then when Cal's cousin Jackson tried to hitch a ride on the back, he was not having it. We are working on the sharing thing...
While Deuce chose to drive around during party, Cal decided to run a couple of miles. That boy ran and ran and ran. This was his starting gate.
This is Cal's aunt Carrie. She came in to town for the party. She and my sister are the same age and were friends growing up, before Eddie's family moved to Texas. And that's little Andy, Cal's baby brother who is 4 months old.
Cal had a super nice set up for his party. Here is a look at his cupcake table. Check out the little scavenger at the back of the table... I'm talking about Deuce. Not the fireman outside who I saw eat like 15 billion of Carrie's awesome cookies.
Cal was ready to get down on his birthday cake. Deuce enjoyed his cupcake too. He was a complete mess! He wouldn't let me touch his cupcake {he's quite possessive of his food} and he kept putting it down to take a sip of milk. But he was putting it down in the grass...icing down. So every time he went to pick it up, it was covered in grass. I finally had to just throw it away.
Carrie arranged for a group shot of all of the kids in front of the fire truck which was totally awesome. It was awesome because the kids were everywhere. As you can tell, my child doesn't go to daycare or regularly take pictures with a big group of kids so he had no clue what was going on. I had to steal Carrie's pictures because I kept having to walk Deuce back to his place. Only he kept turning around like "what are y'all doing???"
I think this one is my favorite though. I love, love, love Cal's sweet smile and Deuce just aimlessly walking around confused about what everyone is doing.
After cupcakes it was time to play some more. We ventured over to the swing set and tree house that has a slide. The boys loved being at the top of the tree house and then coming down the slide.
And once again, Deuce only wants to go up the slide backwards. Then he wants me to push him up the rest of the way so he can slide down. I tried and tried to get him to climb up the ladder after Cal but he wasn't having it.
He was also excited to see the lawnmower that he has at Nana's so he thought he would help Eddie cut the grass. Cal was content pushing the grocery cart.
We had so much fun sharing Cal's birthday with him.
Happy 2nd Birthday Cal!

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  1. great pictures!!! so glad y'all could make it! xoxo


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