Monday, September 26, 2011

Random Tidbits.

Yeah, I like to take pictures. Lots of them. So many that this little goober ignores me every time I call his name to say "cheeeeeeese" and smile. And then as soon as I am over it and I put the camera down, he looks at me and says it as loud as he can with the silly ear to ear grin that I am trying to capture.
TJ had his first football game of the season last week and he scored his first touchdown ever! Deuce was clapping so intently during the entire game but I think mostly because he was watching the cheerleaders clap over and over again. After the game I believe TJ thought that Deuce was so excited that he had scored but I'm pretty sure he was just stoked to be holding his helmet.
This is what happens if you take your eyes off of your child for 2 seconds to pee. And then he spots Bailey {or Bay-Be as he affectionately calls her. we are working on the "L"} and takes off leaving a disaster zone behind him. And don't mind Ed's laundry...
Deuce was 17 months old last Thursday so we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch. I was thinking that maybe he can start to get some good interaction with other kids if I start taking him places where the kids hang out. What a freaking zoo.
There had to be at least 15 kids in that thing at one point, him being the youngest. And since he couldn't climb up the top of the play thing to go down the slide, he decided to go backwards and climb up the slide.
He would climb as far as his little socks would let him go {which was so not far} and then wait for the train of kids to come down and he would take off before they could catch him. He thought it was the best game ever!
He woke up Friday morning with an ear that resembled DUMBO! Yes, it was red, swollen and sticking out so far. I checked for bite marks but I couldn't see anything. It was warm to the touch and was so swollen it was like rubbery. It didn't bother him at all and he wasn't messing with it but it still didn't look right. So I put some cortizone on it and called the nurse. He has gotten several bug bits on his face over the past few weeks (like a whopping 7-10) and they always swell up {thanks, daddy!} but you can see the little dot where the mosquito has gotten him. I couldn't find anything on his ear so they advised me to come in to see the doc. This picture doesn't even do it justice for how swollen it was.
Hey look, there's another Taco Bell cup by my bed. I promise it's not the same one!

When we got to the doctor, he told me it was a bug bite and that was it. He said Deuce is just extremely sensitive to any type of allergen and so we are to give him a small dose of children's Claritin every morning. This obviously won't eliminate any bug bites but will hopefully minimize the reaction to them and other possible allergen's, like grass. After 3 days of cortizone, sure enough the swelling has gone down enough for me to see that pesky little bite on the top of his ear lobe.
And I know this picture is blurry but I just had to post it. His first tie. He only wore it for all of 2.5 seconds before he was trying to rip it off and again, he wouldn't stay still long enough for me to take a picture so this is all I got. My cute little dude.

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