Monday, September 12, 2011

Our New Schedule.

My new schedule is pretty dang awesome.  I get to spend all day Thursday and Friday with my little guy, just the two of us.  The first week we didn't really do too much.  I think I was just doing my best to get some R&R in where I could.  We did go to the new Gateway Gardens park off of Lee Street in Greensboro and had a great time.  I have driven by this park a few times and it looked so interesting so I decided we would stop by.  I didn't plan very well so we went during the peak of the afternoon when it was like 500 degrees outside.
We had snacks on the bridge and we laid on our backs watching the birds fly around.
We were the only people at the entire park.  I guess all of the other mommies were smart enough to not bring their children to the park when it's blazing H.O.T. outside.  I've learned my lesson.  We walked over to the pavilion area where they most likely plan to have book readings and performances.  Deuce gave me a performance of his own.
After we left the stage, we headed over to meet Mr. Frog.  Deuce was not having anything to do with Mr. Frog.  I guess he's not a fan of big, green, metal animals that have enormous bulging eyes.  After I loved on Mr. Frog some Deuce felt comfortable enough to give him a good poke but that was as close as he was getting to those eyeballs.
The garden is full of beautiful flowers and even has a garden that is roped off.  I have no idea what is growing there but I thought that was such a neat idea.
There are the cutest little fruit benches, although they were too hot to sit on, and these amazing translucent butterflies in all different colors that glimmer from below when the sun shines through.
Here, Deuce spotted another gigantic frog and he yelled and drug me by the hand until we made it there.  I swear, this kid can spot water from a mile away.  He could have cared less about the frog, it was the miniature pool of water below said frog that he wanted to see.
Then I decided that I was ready to go because, well, I was drenched in sweat.  So when I told Deuce that it was time to go, my request was immediately met with a firm head shake, meaning "no."  So I said "bye-bye" and turned to walk away.  This almost always results in a little pitter patter right behind me.  Except after a few steps I didn't hear it so I turned around and saw this:
Why had this dude taken off RUNNING towards this huge water fountain all the way on the other side of the park.  And when I called his name, he only turned around long enough to give me a good wave GOOD.BYE.  So I had no choice but to haul ass after him before he dove in the fountain {which he definitely tried to do!}
So I let him hang out long enough to get a little damp and then we made a break for it.  I had to scoop him up and carry him all the way back to the car because I knew that if I didn't, he would be right back at that fountain.  O.M.G.  And he was not happy with me.  This was the look he gave me right before he started pouting and crying because I told him it was time to go.
I definitely see more visits to this park in our future.  I see fall picnic lunches here or early morning play dates with Mr. Frog.  But by Friday afternoon I was a little perturbed that I hadn't done anything over the previous 48 hours, besides sweat my tail off at the park.  I decided that I would start making a to do list of things that I needed to get done. 

We were busy little bees this past Thursday & Friday and I have to share with you what I found at the Greensboro Habitat store.  Rows and rows of spray paint for $1.25 a can.  Seriously...amazing!  And this was only 1 of the sections they had in the store.  Projects to come!!!

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