Thursday, September 22, 2011

The First Haircut.

WHOA!  Check out that mop!!!
We finally cut the boys hair last week. We would have done it earlier but Amanda is super busy so we just waited until I had my appointment already scheduled. My mom, my sister and myself all had appointments scheduled on my sister's 28th birthday. We figured this would be the perfect time to get the hair cut and there would be plenty of hands to help get it done.
It seemed like the easiest thing to do would be to let him sit in my lap while he got it cut. And since he was content sitting in my lap as soon as my mom brought him in, we took a pause on my hair to get to work on his. This worked for all of 2.5 seconds.
Then he was trying to look at Amanda every time she gathered a piece of his hair. And with a really sharp pair of scissors, things can get kind of challenging.
So we flipped him around, stood him up, sat him back down, let him get down and back up. Oh my goodness, we tried everything!
Then he wanted Nana to hold him. But as soon as she picked him up, he wanted to come back to me. And we went back and forth like this for awhile. We finally quit for awhile and let him run around while Amanda finished up my hair.
After my hair was done, we went back for some more. He let Amanda cut some more off and then he was over it again. And Nana was shoving Vanilla Wafers in his hands left and right.
He does love AK though. We all do. She did my hair, then mom's and then Laura's, all the while cutting Deuce's in between.
It was becoming a game to him. Let's see if they can catch me and then I'll let them snip off a piece. But only 1 piece and then I want down again. I was seriously sweating something fierce!
So you know he loves the bathtub right? Well he found the pedicure chair in the nail room and kept climbing into it as if it was a bath tub. He was sitting in there so calm, just looking out the window so Amanda even cut off some of his hair in the pedicure chair.
But then he was tired, and hungry and just totally over this whole hair cut thing. So I picked him up and held him down as tight as I could while Amanda clipped off the last little bit. He didn't mind the clippers but he didn't like me holding him down. But I had to, this was taking way too long!
Not a good look. He's not a very happy guy and I'm struggling to hold this strong sucker down!
So we finished the cut and moved on to dinner to celebrate Laura's birthday. He is full of kisses for everyone and they are of the mouth wide open, I think he may bite me kind of kisses. But I still ask for them all day long.
He "helped" auntie blow out her candle on her Outback birthday brownie. And he even took a couple of bites.
Happy Birthday Auntie! 
I enjoy his hair so much more now. It looks not so much like he's Bebe's kid and more like a handsome little boy. It's amazing how a simple trim made him look so much older. We saved a majority of the curls that were snipped off so now I have to find a good place to keep them. I can't exactly put them in his baby book since his is technically online in the form of this blog. I will say that I'm not really looking forward to the next hair cut experience.

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  1. you have got to try Peek-A-Doo! I swear by it! I can't get over how still Cal is there... he climbs up in the car or airplane seat and lets them cut away... it's right next to southpoint, if you are nearby and desperate! Seriously-- you know how active Cal is....!!! xoxo


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