Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby's Black Eye.

My baby got his first black eye last week. How? I have no clue. It was a little red when I picked him up on Wednesday and by Thursday morning it had turned into a nice big ol' shiner. Oh well. We went to the mall to get out some energy. I walk laps around the mall until he gets ancy and then we head to the play area and he runs wild. Now that all of the kids are back in school, the play land is pretty empty at 11am. Just the way we like it.
He has a blast running around and climbing over and through all of the obstacles. I let him run until he wears himself out. There is usually a brief kicking and screaming event that occurs when I decide that it's time to go. This usually takes place when he discovers the entrance/exit to play land and decides that he wants to run free in the mall, forcing me to chase after him like a crazy fool while pushing an empty stroller. He thinks this game of "catch me if you can" is hilarious as he giggles while trying to run away. Yeah, mommy don't think it's too funny.
Here is some video footage of the day. Ed has taught him how to "Down, Set, Hut" for football season.
My little linebacker, he is! You think maybe he was "tackling" something at Grandma's when he got his black eye? I wouldn't be surprised...

Yeah, we left soon after this as he was only interested in roaming the mall at this point. I have another video of him playing and giggling but it's not letting me upload it for some reason. I'll keep trying!

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