Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2nd UNC Football Season

So I was a little nervous about the football game this weekend.  If you are an avid reader, you know that Deuce went to just about every single football game last season, even travelling as far away as Atlanta, Nashville & Charlottesville.  But last year he was between the ages of 4-8 months old and he couldn't crawl or walk.  So he sat very content on my lap.  This year, he not only walks but he runs.  Fast.  And he's independent and stubborn.  I'm not even going to lie...we tried to drop him off with our parents but mine were at the beach trying to repair the hurricane damage and Ed's had a funeral to go to.  So we took him. 
We met Daniel & Rebecca, Wes & Billie and Shannon & Jermaine for some tailgating beforehand.  Daniel & Wes had gone early in the day and had gotten us the perfect spot at the top of the parking deck, in the corner.  The kids played corn hole and we all ate chicken, a combination of Bojangles' & Popeye's to be exact.  If you don't live in the south and don't have a Bojangles' or a Popeye's...you are missing out son!  I don't like to go to a football game without some fried chicken first, just ask Ed.  And Deuce prefers Doritos to go with his biscuit.
I was pleasantly surprised with how well Deuce did during the game.  He was so overwhelmed with everything during the beginning of the game that he just sort of stared in awe.  Yes, he "saw" it last year but did he really see it?  Can you even see that far away at 4 months old?  I don't know.  Then by about the 2nd quarter, I pulled out his snack trap full of puffs and cookies and rice cakes and he sat still as can be on my lap while munching on his goodies.  During halftime we went to meet up with Harrison but he was walking around with Davis so we strolled through the new Blue Zone with Harrison's mommy, Val.
The second half was a little different.  The little boy in front of us was nice enough to let Deuce play with one of his trucks for awhile.  They drove their trucks over the seat, the seat backs, the railings, the steps and whatever else they found.  Then the little boy decided Deuce wasn't allowed to play anymore, lol!  Needless to say, Deuce was not happy about that.  So I took him back out to the concourse to let him walk around.  By the 4th quarter, he was tired and I was still sweating so I passed him off to Ed and he walked him around for most of the 4th quarter.  Overall, he did great but I'm not sure if he'll be going back this season.  We'll see.
After the game we went back to the "spot" to tailgate some more until the traffic died down.  It was a great game and I am glad that it's finally football season!

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