Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's for the Classroom

I was back at crafting this weekend. I spent all day Thursday & Friday making Save the Date's for Leigh Anne's wedding. I also used my Silhouette Cameo all weekend and then I spent Sunday making Valentine's for TJ to take to school yesterday. I prefer a cute homemade Valentine over the traditional cards that are perforated with images of cartoon characters and the red suckers with the white writing. I don't think TJ really cares too much about what he takes to school so I just make whatever I want to. You can see the Match Books I made for him last year HERE.

This year I knew I would be busy hand crafting each Save the Date for Leigh Anne so I wouldn't have much time to invest in the Valentines. So I decided to just personalize some candy wrappers and package them up with a nice bow. Wal-Mart had mini KitKat bars on sale for $1 a package {each contained 6 bars} so I bought 9 packages with the intention of putting 2 KitKat's in each bag. Somewhere between when I bought them on my lunch break Wednesday and when I put them together on Sunday, I ended up with only 8 packages. Hmmmm, I think my hips found them??? Well at least they were the mini's.... There are 23 kids in TJ's class, plus the teacher so 8 was all I needed anyway.

I designed the labels, printed & cut and then wrapped each one around the candy bar, securing with double sided tape. Then I stuffed them into a pretzel bag and secured with a bow. I already had the pretzel bags & the ribbon so I only paid $8 for the candy.
Then I made TJ's teacher a crayon wreath like the ones I've seen all over pinterest lately. All of my supplies came from the dollar tree or my craft closet.
  • Foam floral wreath
  • 2 large boxes of crayons (54 count)
  • Grosgrain ribbon
  • Embellishments
I wrapped some tulle all the way around the foam wreath and secured with a pin and hot glue. Then I began to secure the crayons to the wreath with a little dab of hot glue. I did sort of a N, E, S, W compass look to begin with and then filled in the gaps. I was worried that if I started at the top and just went around it would be uneven at the end. I added 2 layers of crayons. Then I used some of the ribbon on the inside of the wreath to cover any unevenness or gaps with the crayons and to secure a loop for hanging. Then I added letters and a butterfly just for looks.
When I got to work this morning I had this email waiting for me...hopefully you can read that.
And while I was putting it together, Deuce decided that I needed to do it barefoot. Because if his shoes are off then mine need to be too.
And then he proceeded to play with his reflection in the stove.
Here is my front door decor for winter. I added some hearts for Valentine's.
And Deuce loved his frog Valentine so he took it with him in the car. I hope you all had a great day! I know I did, listening to my new Adele CD from honey. :)

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