Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sleepy Sleepy Boy

Not too much has been going on in our world lately. Deuce has gone almost a month sleeping in his big boy bed. Only twice has he gotten out of his bed and come out of his room. Both times were in the middle of the night and I'm not sure if he had a bad dream or what but both times he came out crying pretty hard, screaming "mama!" Nothing like a jolt to your heart when you are sound asleep from your baby screaming your name. Both times I was able to carry him right back to bed and lay him right back down and he would fall right back to sleep. A couple of times he has had a difficult time going to sleep initially. Actually, he just decides that he would rather stay up and play. He doesn't come out of his room but he gets up, turns on his light, and gets his books and reads. I've even caught him shooting hoops at like 11pm!! Other than that, we've done pretty well.
I've held off on posting about it for fear of jinxing myself but now that it's been almost a month I feel pretty confident. I do enjoy that if he wakes up before me he can get out of bed on his own and come to my room and get in the bed with me. I love snuggle time with him in the morning. He's calm and quiet and we usually watch Toodles (Mickey), Bob Bob (Spongebob), Elmo or Fub (Phineas & Ferb). And he's been taking really long naps too, which is great. I keep telling myself that I can get so much done during these 3 hour naps but I usually just end up napping with him, catching up on my DVRd shows or just watching him sleep.
Don't you wish you could sleep that good again?
And my child will not let sleep stop him from eating. Here he had to finish his fries before he would let himself fall asleep. And if you listen carefully you can hear him immediately start to snore.
{And yes, somebody gave us a pink sippy cup for a baby shower gift, even though everyone knew he was a boy, and yes I still use it. Only not in public. Just the house or the car. Because I'm not good at doing the dishes and you gotta use what you got when you have NO clean dishes!!}

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