Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Campbell Residence

I shared this picture with you guys a while back showing the in process sign that I was making for my parents for Christmas.
Here is the final product in place. I think it came out fantastic. Now they just need to sand down the original posts and re-stain them to match their new road sign.
1 piece of plywood, cut to size
1 wood burning tool
Stencil of some sort
Wood Stain

I started by measuring the open frame at the end of my parents driveway one day while I was there by myself. I took the measurements to Lowe's and asked them to cut me a piece of plywood down to size. Then I sanded down the edges of the plywood where the guy from Lowe's cut it down for me. Then I printed out the numbers and letters and taped them on the board where I wanted them. I slid a piece of graphite transfer paper in between the wood and the printer paper and then traced over the wording. This left a graphite image on the wood. Then I used my wood burning tool to burn the image into the plywood. This took FOR.EVER. Probably because I have the cheapest & smallest wood burning tool on the face of the planet that was not meant to be used for projects of this size. Plus I was not going to use the tool while Deuce was awake because it gets extremely hot and I didn't want to risk any chance of him trying to touch it. So it was a solid week of late night burning sessions for me. While I sat up on the couch until about 3am every night turning the living room into a smoke factory that smelled like a campfire. I was determined to get it done before Christmas. After the image was burned in to the wood, I stained it. I chose not to seal it myself because I knew my stepdad would know what the best outdoor sealer was and since it was a Christmas gift, I just held off on that part. Turns out he used a waterproof sealer that they use on boats when they seal the paint so it doesn't come off in the water. Genius, and I'm glad I didn't use some cheap kind.

You definitely can't miss their driveway now!

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