Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Silhouette Projects!

I am slowly getting more use out of my Cameo. While I was making Leigh Anne's Save the Dates the other weekend, I decided to go ahead and get some of my organizing out of the way. I took all of the boys' clothes that are too small and loaded up some Rubbermaid containers to store them away in the attic. I have given a lot of Deuce's clothes to goodwill, The Durham Rescue Mission and to some local teen moms with no support or money. But I've decided to hang on to some of my favorites, just in case I might need them again or for when my sister has children. But it was starting to take over Deuce's room. And since he is growing like a weed {he's in a 3T now!!} I needed some room for his new clothes to go. So I separated the clothes, stored them away and used my Cameo to label them for easy retrieval in the future. And as a note about the Cameo, I used white contact paper that I got from the Dollar Tree instead of actual vinyl. It worked just fine. {It's that roll of white sitting on top of the box.}
I am also working on a project for Deuce's stool that he uses to brush his teeth, wash his hands, etc. He uses the stool all the time but it's an unfinished wood stool. I have plans to paint it and make it look super cute. I just haven't done it yet. But I did cut out my stencil for it with my Cameo. Again, I used the white contact paper instead of vinyl. I took the parts that I didn't need and put them on his high chair, instead of throwing them away. I also decided to do this at the last second when I started peeling off the letters and thinking, "I can't just throw these away!" I had to find somewhere to put them. So I didn't use transfer paper and transfer them the correct way. That's why the football is a little crooked. And you can bet that Ed mentioned that right away. ugh... Deuce doesn't care, he just likes that there is a football on his seat.
Can you guess what his stool is going to look like?

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