Monday, February 20, 2012

Save the Dates & Silhouette Envelopes

So y'all know one of my best friends, Leigh Anne, is getting married in May right? Well I have volunteered to craft as much as I can for the wedding to keep costs as low as possible. We have all sorts of ideas and things that we are planning to build, print, paint, glue and whatever else prior to the big day on May 5th. Because so much of the wedding is going to be DIY and homemade, we have had to be very diligent with our timeline. I will try to post as many of our projects to the blog as possible.

I will be making all of the invitations for the event and I started with the Save the Dates. LA and Kevin are getting married outdoors and having a poolside reception with a county chic theme. I designed the invitations and printed them on white card stock on a high quality color laser printer. Then I cut out each invitation and used my corner punch to round the corners. I punched a hole in the tag and looped a piece of twine through. Then I steeped two tea bags over luke warm water for about 30 minutes and soaked all of the invites for roughly an hour. I put as many in the bowl as I could fit which resulted in an uneven stained look, which I loved. Then I laid each invitation on a cookie sheet in a single layer and baked them at 350 for about 3-5 minutes. Keep a close eye on them so they don't curl up too much or catch on fire. After baking them {they should be pretty much dried out} I stacked them under some heavy books to flatten them out over night. Then I used my distress ink all around the edges.
For the envelopes, I downloaded an envelope shape from the Silhouette store and used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out each invite. I adjusted the shape in the software using the grid, so that it was slightly larger than the invite.
The Cameo is amazing because it cuts teeny tiny slits along the folds of the envelope so that you know where to fold it after you cut it out. I used a roll of brown craft paper form Wal-Mart to make the envelopes so I had to cut the paper down to size to fit through the Cameo machine. This probably took me the longest amount of time. If I had used scrapbook paper or something that was 12x12 or smaller it wouldn't have taken me as long. It would have been much more expensive though. So I cut out all of the envelopes (actually my amazing Cameo did) and then I folded them, stuffed them and used a glue stick to seal. SUPER EASY!
Here is the final result and cost breakdown.
Brown Craft Paper: $4.95 (I only used about half the roll)
Paper, punches, ink, glue sticks, tea, twine: All out of my craft closet.
Custom Made Save the Dates for $4.95???? FO' REAL!!
{I took these pics with my cell while making these and wrangling a toddler so they are not the best quality. And I couldn't get step by step pics of the process. Will try to do better!}

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