Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Green Queen Bingo.

Y'all I went to my first ever bingo night a few weeks ago. And not only did I go to Bingo, I went to Drag Queen Bingo! {gasp!!!} I have never seen anything like that in my life!
Y'all know how much I love my Zumba class. I have made some really good friends in Zumba that I look forward to seeing several times a week. They had been asking me to go for weeks and I was really hesitant. If you know me really well, you know how conservative I am. Not conservative as in my views and opinions, but conservative as in shy, naive and sort of sheltered. But I really wanted {and needed} the night out with the girls - and Braden, our Zumba instructor. I seriously doubt that there are very many instructors out there that can top him. He is amazing.
So we met up at Target and car pooled our way over the the Empire Room in downtown Greensboro to play some bingo. And was I totally overwhelmed with the amount of people that were there to play Bingo. O.M.G. There had to be over 600 people there. And the queens were some of the biggest men I have ever seen. I'm talking football player type men. Dressed up as women. And in heels. And more makeup than I have ever owned in my entire life! It was scary/hilarious. If that's even possible.
We played 10 games and had a great time. None of us won a darn thing but I had fun watching the stage shows and seeing the different queens. The event was sponsored by the Guilford Green Foundation which promotes events to foster inclusiveness and diversity.
There was a performance in between each round of Bingo and because there were so many people in there, it took forever for the queen to make it all the way around the banquet room to perform and gather up their tips. This made for a long night. Braden got a little bored so he decided to do some Bingo painting with his dobber. And seriously, what the heck is a dobber? I thought they looked like little bottles of suntan lotion or something from Adam & Eve but it was just ink that you use to mark your Bingo card.
Anyway, I had a great time with the girls and although I'm not sure how often we'll be visiting the Bingo hall, I look forward to many more evenings with my Zumba girls, and Braden!

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  1. This is totally hilarious! You seriously need to invite me next time you go!!!


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