Monday, January 30, 2012

He's a Dancin' Machine

This child loves to dance. I mean really loves to dance.
Every Sunday after church we meet all of our friends in the sanctuary after the service. Ed and I alternate taking Deuce to the nursery and TJ is finally going to children's church. One of Ed's best friends from college, Will, plays the bass guitar in the church band and they usually play for a little while as people are gathering their things and socializing before leaving. We always go up to the first pew and listen to the band play while Deuce dances. No joke. People love to stand and watch him. He goes through periods where he gets really into it and then he's mesmerized and he just stares.
If you listen hard you can hear him saying, "TJ! Wat, Wat" which means TJ, watch!! 
He's not shy or anything.... 
Tim is his favorite person in the band. Tim in maybe 20-something and plays the drums. Deuce loves the drums so he loves Tim. One Sunday Tim was trying to be sweet and gave Deuce his drum sticks. I had to promptly trick my child into giving them to me so I could proceed to slip them back to Tim. {I thanked him for being so generous but explained that I would like to keep my walls hole-free and my window panes in tact. I know my boy. And he is rough.} Every Sunday we have to wait for Tim so Deuce can give him a fist bump. Who knows, maybe we'll have a future rocker in the family.
I didn't have my camera in church this time...

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