Friday, January 6, 2012

Vacation in Chesapeake

I mentioned before that Laura and I took Deuce to see my dad in Chesapeake for a few days back in December. The purpose of the visit was to get away from the chaos at home and spend some relaxing quality time with dad. We had such a good time. Laura had to work on Thursday so we waited at mom's house for her. We walked to see the horses, visit Rascal's grave and played in the grass. When we got to Virgina, Pop had a spaghetti dinner already made for us.
We took Deuce to see Santa on Friday and did a little shopping. We ate lunch at the Picadilly (aka K&W for you Chapel Hill folks) and then headed over to Hampton to make a special visit. We went to see the lady that kept me and Laura when we were little. We lived in the house across the street from her and she watched us every day until we made the transition to daycare. I can't even tell you the last time that we saw her but she looked just as I remembered. Deuce was so loving to her and he gave her hug after hug after hug. It was so neat to think that her memories of me were from when I was the same age as Deuce...29 years ago!
After we left Hampton, we stopped to pick up dinner and then went back to dad's. We stayed in for the rest of the night and watched some Christmas specials on TV. We were in bed at a decent time and I woke up at 7:30 feeling relaxed and refreshed. Saturday we went to Yorktown to my Uncle Ricky's house. It was a treat to see him two weekends in a row {he was in Knoxville with us the weekend prior}. That is rare. Uncle Ricky lives in a waterfront home on the Potomac River and he and Alice prepared a yummy Mexican lunch for us. My cousins were all there and we even got to meet Baby Carter. It was strange to see Deuce with another baby and him be the toddler and not the baby. He kept wanting to hold Carter. Then when I was holding Carter, he would immediately want my help with something or would want to get in my lap. I got a brief taste of what my girlfriends with 2 under 2 go through. And that's why I'm not planning on having another baby any time soon, lol!!
After we left Uncle Ricky's house we went to a Christmas party for one of my dad's best friends from childhood. He lives in Washington state now but was home for the holidays so there was a holiday gathering. We met several of my dad's friends from childhood and Deuce had a great time running around and being the center of attention. He was not shy at all! After we left the party, we drove around Hampton to look at all of the Christmas lights. I really wanted Deuce to see them because I knew he would enjoy saying "oooooh and ahhhhh" but he conked out as soon as we got in the car. So he missed them. But we still wanted to go because Laura and I have memories of going to see the lights every year when we were little and lived in Hampton.
We spent most of the day Sunday hanging out and watching TV before we left about 2:30 to head back home. I think I will be making more visits to Chesapeake in the near future. I really enjoy seeing my dad hang out with Deuce and I think my dad may enjoy it even more!
he ate just about the entire bag of goldfish in one morning.

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