Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fall Photo Shoot

We were lucky enough to have Regan take our family pictures for the 2nd year in a row back in November. The weather was perfect and we met on a Sunday afternoon in Chapel Hill. We met on campus and started out at the Arboretum, where Ed and I had our engagement pictures taken. Deuce was NOT feeling it. All week leading up the the shoot he had been saying "cheeeeeeeeese" every time I took a picture of him. I just knew we were going to get some great shots of him. But as soon as Regan pulled her camera out he refused to look at her, much less speak. I was so sad. I don't think he smiled for one picture all day. And if she did happen to capture a smile it was because she was awesome enough to chase him around when he was playing football with himself. We brought the football thinking it would be a good distraction while we were taking pictures without him but he wouldn't put it down and it became the all important prop. And when we went to the stadium, the football team came out to practice so Deuce wouldn't take his eyes off of them. The photo in the blog header, yeah, he's waving to the team...

I was a little worried that there wouldn't be one good picture but I was wrong. They turned out so much better than I expected because Regan, well..... she's pretty much the best evahhhhhh! And the football, I love having it in the pictures because it represents our family so well. Enjoy. 

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