Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

Time to catch you up on our holidays. I have some stuff to post that happened prior to the holidays but I'm just going to do it out of order. Whatever. I feel like it's already been a week since Christmas and I need to get this out there before it's too far gone. So anyway.
We started a new tradition for Christmas Eve this year. We had Daniel and Rebecca, Chase and Austin over for dinner. They didn't have any plans so we decided that we would spend the evening together and let the kids play and celebrate with each other. It was a truly special time. Thank goodness I had a week and a half off BEFORE Christmas because I was able to get the shopping done in a reasonable time and not wait until the last minute for everything, like I normally do. I even took Deuce down to my mom's the Wednesday before, along with all of the gifts that would be opened at her house (mom, Bob, Laura, G, James...) and I wrapped them down there so I could just leave them there. It was so nice to not have to worry about loading up the car with gifts on Christmas day. So Christmas Eve, I only had a few things left to wrap {mainly Ed's presents} and luckily he had shopping to do so he left the house. I got those last few things done and then I started preparing for the evening.

I cooked Chicken Supreme {mom's recipe - it's bangin'}, homemade loaded mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. Rebecca and Daniel had given me a bottle of Moscato and some of those frozen drink pouches that are premixed for my birthday so I saved it all to share with them for Christmas Eve. We ate dinner, tossed a couple of drinks back and laughed. A LOT. It was a blast.
The kids wrote letters to Santa. I baked cookies and then Austin and TJ decorated them and loaded up the Santa plates.
I made reindeer food for the kids and we sprinkled it on the lawn to light the path for Santa and the sleigh. Austin and Chase took theirs home to sprinkle on their yard.
Here is the picture of the boys saying bye to Alfie that I mentioned in the last post.
We had so much fun with the Smith family and I hope that it's a Christmas Eve tradition that we can continue for years to come.

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