Monday, January 9, 2012

Silhouette Cameo Love

So I mentioned before that I was fortunate enough to receive a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas. I haven't had too much time to use it yet but it is the coolest thing ever! I have learned that I have to use it late at night after little hands have gone to bed because those little hands want to "help" with my projects and that results in pretty much a 0% completion rate. So I have only used it for 2 things so far but I was super impressed with how easy it was to use.

I take this water bottle with me to Zumba class. I love the new monogram that I added. It was a little tricky using this font because the serifs are so intricate that it was a little difficult to separate but if I had some nice tweezers it wouldn't have been too bad. Those will be purchased soon. I also mis-measured the height slightly but it still came out fine.
I also purchased these 3 plastic buckets from the dollar tree. I labeled them and put them above the washing machine to hold all detergents, light bulbs and cleaning stuff. This font was very easy to work with and this project took me no time. With the Silhouette you can use any font that you have on your computer, which is amazing because I have hundreds of great fonts to choose from that I have downloaded over time.
I see much more labeling, organizing and crafting in my future. That is, if I can keep myself awake at night...


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