Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time to Convert.

I think that we will be converting the crib to a bed this weekend. Last night I put Deuce down for bed like normal. I went back out to the living room to finish watching the Carolina game with Ed. After about 45 minutes or so we heard Deuce whimpering. Kind of unusual for him but we didn't worry. He started flicking his light switch on and off over and over again. He does this sometimes and then falls asleep after a little while, usually with the light on. After about 10 minutes of whimpering, we heard the door knob. I immediately looked at Ed and said, "he can't reach the door knob from his crib!" I jumped up and there he was. Dragging his blue blanket behind him in his footie pajamas like Lioness in Charlie Brown. He said "Mamaaaaa!" Then cracked a little grin.

So I took him back to his room, turned out the lights and we tried our routine again. I knew he was tired. It was about 11pm by this point. Again, he went down just fine. So I went in to the bedroom to observe the whole thing on the monitor. This is what I saw:
And then this morning, when I woke up I saw this:
And when I went to look for him, this:
I pray that this is not a difficult process to get him to stay and sleep in his own bed now. We've been so fortunate so far... I know every kid does this at some point but still..... I like him contained! :)

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  1. This is sooo funny! I think he looks like you as a baby in those monitor pictures.


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