Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Visit with Santa!

I decided to take Deuce to see Santa for the first time while we were in Virginia visiting my dad. I knew my dad would really enjoy taking him and I am so glad we did it. My mom had told me that the lines to see Santa at Southpoint had 2 hours plus waiting time but the mall in Chesapeake was pretty bare so we only had to wait behind one small baby and a group of navy sailors. And I must say, this was seriously the best Santa I've ever seen. Not only did he look SUPER real {take a look for yourself}, but they were soooo accommodating. I was determined that no matter what, Deuce was going to have his picture taken with Santa. Even if he was screaming his head off. Is that mean? Maybe, but we have a picture of my sister crying her eyes out when she was little and we love looking at it now. So I thought in the long run, he'll appreciate it. Hmmm.

When we got to the mall, Deuce was all about Santa. He was wearing his own Santa hat, waving to him and shouting "hi" from the line. I was totally surprised but thinking this was going to go great! Then when it was our turn, I got him out of the stroller and walked him over to Santa and he seriously gave him a fist bump first thing and then started talking to him like they were old pals. But when it came time for me to sit him down with Santa...no way, Jose! He immediately initiated the death claw grip into my arms and started climbing up my stomach with his feet. He didn't bust out the tears but he was pretty darn close. The staff and Santa immediately told me that if I wanted, Santa would hide behind the big chair and we could put Deuce in the chair to read some books. Then Santa would pop out and pose for some pictures and Deuce would never even know that he was there. So we moved Deuce to where he couldn't see Santa get up and hide and when he saw that chair open, it was like a mad dash to crawl in the chair. The Santa was amazing!
After the pictures, Deuce was back to being all about talking to Santa and calling him  "Caw Caus." And of course, we couldn't leave without another fist bump. After going to just about every mall in the Triangle and the Triad, I am so glad that we went to see Santa in Chesapeake. He was the best Santa by far!

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  1. Hilarious!!! Love the photos and so glad Santa had that awesome idea!


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