Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas was madness. As usual. Because we stayed up so late on Christmas Eve with Daniel and Rebecca, we pretty much had to wake the boys up on Christmas morning to get things going. We got them up about 9, I think. Santa paid us a visit and nibbled on some cookies, drank some milk and even left behind some of his magic snow from the North Pole. Cuh-razy!!!
Deuce opened his first present from Santa and it was a small, blue basketball. Ya know what? He was totally satisfied with that being his only gift. He didn't care to open another thing. I literally had to hide the blue ball and force him to open some more presents. I'm pretty sure Santa got it as a last second, impulse purchase too. Go figure. I ended up opening quite a few of them. He was excited about his slippers that matched TJ's, his Cars lunch box, his new skateboard and his new Jordan's {of course}. He was trying to put them on immediately.
After gifts were opened, I cooked a quick breakfast and we headed down the road to Nana's. There we met up with Laura & G and James. We had a great lunch and then opened more presents. Deuce and TJ got matching UNC hats that have "Geer" on the back from Nana and Grandpa and lots of other Elmo/Big Bird/Toodles {Mickey Mouse} themed gifts. Again, he opened his hat and didn't care too much about any other presents. Ed and I got some great stuff from the family and we each got the 1 main thing that we had been wanting. Ed got his new yard edger, the Works GT and I got the new Silhouette Cameo! FOR REAL!! If you are not a crafter then I'm sure you have no idea what it is but if you are then you know what a big deal it is to get one of these things. It's like a bigger, better Cricut machine that cuts paper, vinyl, fabric and all sorts of other stuff. The Cameo version was just released and sold out immediately so I am beyond excited that my mom was able to find me one. I also made Nana and Grandpa a handmade sign for their driveway that I burned by hand. Here's a sneak peak of it in progress and I'll share the final picture as soon as they get it hung up. They were really excited and I was very happy that I was able to get it done in time. I didn't take any pictures so these are a few that my sister took with her phone. Yeah, that's the over dramatic "ELMO" face I was giving right there.
After we left Nana and Grandpa's we went to Grandma & Grandpa's for a little while to see Ed's family. And open MORE presents! Deuce got his very first tricycle and he is obsessed. He's been riding it all over the house. Hopefully we can get him outside on it soon. He hasn't quite figured out how to push the pedals down to make it go but he's close.
After we left Grandma and Grandpa's we dropped TJ off in Raleigh with his mom and grandparents and then trucked it on a little farther to Clayton to my Aunt's house where my dad was waiting with my Grandma and cousins. Pop got the boys TVs for the car which have been just as much of a gift for me and Ed as they have been for the boys. I brought them back from VA so the boys could open them Christmas morning and we could have them for all the car riding Christmas day. Every time we get in the car Deuce says "Toodles? Toodles?" Which is code for Mickey Mouse please. They are going to make future road trips so much more pleasant! We spent the night in Clayton with my family and then went back to Chapel Hill on Monday to Ed's family Christmas gathering with his entire extended family. We got back home at about 10pm on the Monday after Christmas and we were all exhausted!!!
I hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas as we did! Here is our 2011 Christmas card. Photo courtesy of Regan and layout courtesy of Etsy. I'll post about our photo shoot soon!

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