Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunny Days.

I am so ready for Spring. I've told y'all before that I love the cold winter months...leading up to the holidays. But once the holidays are over, I'm beyond ready for warmer weather. One of the great things about living in the middle of North Carolina is that  we have the best of all 4 seasons. Just last week it snowed about 5 inches in Greensboro and the kids were out of school on Monday. It was all melted by Tuesday and on Thursday it was 78 degrees. No joke.

I am so excited about more play dates at the park, picnic lunches and evening walks with my honey. Last week we played outside a lot on Thursday and Friday. Deuce rode his bike, we went on a walk, and then he played basketball with TJ for awhile.
On Friday, we met up with Rebecca, Austin and Chase at the Beth Schmidt park in Elon. If you are ever near Elon and have kids, that park is awesome. Deuce was obviously not born when I was in school so I never had a reason to stop off there but I had driven by several times. I sent Rebecca a text at lunch time and we met up and let the boys take off.  We stayed until it started to rain and then we headed back home. We will be back soon!

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