Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from our family to yours!

We spent the weekend at what else?  A basketball tournament.  TJ's first game on Saturday was at 1:30pm in High Point.  When we got there, Deuce had not had a nap.  I couldn't believe he didn't go to sleep in the car on the way.  So he was extremely fussy when we arrived.  And I mean full on temper tantrum, screaming, arching his back and flailing his head.  I knew he was exhausted because he kept closing his eyes but there was just so much going on around him he just wouldn't give in.  Plus it was like 500 degrees in the gym.  I am sure people were staring at me while he was screaming thinking that girl needs to tame her child but whatever.  After a good 15 minutes he finally just gave up on the nap and decided he was going to skip it.  So I gave him some snacks and he was over it.  Then my mom & sister arrived.  HALLELUJAH!  All he needed was some of his Nana.
Out.  Like a light.  Looking HUGE!  He slept for 2 solid hours amongst all of the whistles, horns, dribbling and screaming parents from a last second shot that won the game for TJ's team.  There was a lot of energy in that gym and he wasn't phased the slightest!
Check out the insane hair!  It is wild, curly & all over the place!
So today is Valentine's Day and I wanted to make TJ's Valentine's for his class this year.  The easy thing to do is go buy the box of perforated cards (oh, how we have done this before) but I thought I would try something new this year.  Seriously, the craft bug is living in my head right now.  I got this idea from eighteen25.  Follow the link for the tutorial and some free printables.

This project cost about $10.  I know it's more than the $2.99 box of premade cards but I think these are much cuter!  Valentine's Match Books.  I made 2 different styles and added pictures that Regan took of us (check out the link for a peak at our shoot!).  I had to buy the black card stock, double sided tape and the candy.  I had all of the other supplies.  I downloaded the free printable and added the pictures.  I then printed them onto mailing labels and attached the labels to the card stock.  I think they came out great!
I made 40 of them so he could pass them out to his class, his teachers, his after school group and take one to his momma, of course!  I'm sure she'll love it.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  1. That is such a great valentine card idea. I love it and i'm sure all those girls in school will took. Your so creative!!!!

  2. Rachel, You are just so crafty. You get it from your mother for sure. I have no idea how you do it. Proud of you sweetie. Happy V-Day. Love you!!!

  3. Love the Valentines! You are such a good Mom and so crafty! I am totally stealing these ideas from you when it's my turn. Ha!


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