Monday, February 21, 2011

Visit from Aunt Laura!

My sister came to stay with us for the weekend.  She lives in Raleigh and we only work a few miles from each other so I see her pretty often.  But she doesn't get to see the boys as much.  She said she wanted to take Deuce swimming so she decided to pack up some clothes and the dog & come stay!  It's really nice to have her come stay with us because it gives me a break from everything.  Not a complete break as in I disappear, but she loves babies so she always wants to feed him & bathe him and get him dressed.  And put him to sleep and cuddle with him and play with him and basically love on him every second.  It's an extra pair of hands that can always be used with a baby around.

Deuce & TJ were supposed to take swim lessons starting in January but with TJ's basketball schedule and tournaments we weren't able to enroll them.  The class was only 6 weeks and we would have missed at least 3 weeks because of basketball so that was pointless to me.  We don't have that $ to waste!  So they will most likely take lessons in the fall when basketball is over.  Plus I figure that in the infant swim classes they just want to make sure the baby is comfortable in the water and float him around and I can do that on my own until swim lesson start.  My sister was more than happy to give him a "lesson" on Saturday.  He loves the water.  We sat him on the side of the pool and he would lean forward until he fell in (into our arms of course).  He loves splashing the water in his face (& ours!)

Swimming wears most everyone out, especially a baby.  After swimming, Laura & I took Deuce on a couple of errands to pick up some supplies for craft projects we worked on Saturday night (more on that later).  He would fall asleep as soon as we got to the next destination so he never really got a good afternoon nap.  We got home in time for the Carolina game and then cooked dinner.  Deuce loves to follow Laura's dog, Mac, around the house.  He was out early by about 8:15.  Mac was tired too!
Ed & TJ decided to put together the awesome telescope that we got from Nana & Grandpa Bob for Christmas.  But, we obviously don't know how to work it because we couldn't see very much.  We may have to go to the directions again on this one.
We went to church on Sunday & then had lunch afterwards.  Laura, Deuce & I watched a movie while the boys went to basketball practice.  I was sad to see her go and I know Deuce was too!  Lucky for Laura, I am visiting Amanda on Wednesday so she will be joining us to watch the little guy while I get my hair did.

Speaking of hair: The Curls....seriously taking over!  He looked like we had put rollers in his hair!!!


  1. The Pool Pictures came out great. I love them and had so much fun with ya'll this weekend! Love you!

  2. Pop's sure is missing a lot. Sure do miss you guys. Can't wait for you guys to come up here and go to Bush Gardens. I hope I can get down that way before then. Love to everyone!!


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