Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Party

Sunday was a big day.  A day in which two big games took place.  First was the all important match up between Carolina & FSU.  The first game without Larry Drew II.  The first game where Kendall Marshall would have to step up to the plate and lead what is now "his" team.  I believe he did just fine don't 'cha think?  Anyway, we skipped our usual Sunday post church meal to rush home to catch the basketball game.  After a delightful beat-down we headed down to Graham to a Super Bowl Party at Ashwon & Annie's house.  They are such great hosts!  They always have tons of food, yummy adult drinks & so many toys for the kiddos.
I have mentioned before that Aja is 3 days older than Deuce, who is 4 days older than Zoe.  So they were all born within the same week.  We love getting together with them to let the kids play together.  I believe that Annie has every toy under the sun at her house so there is no lack of entertainment for the babies.  When we first arrived, Deuce did nothing but cry.  He has never done that before but there was a lot of commotion and new faces.  Every time somebody just talked to him, he cried.  He had just woke up from the car ride so I fed him and then he was fine.  After 2 seconds of playing with toys he wasn't bothered by the shouting and laughing.
We all went to high school together so having babies together has made things really fun.  The boys (Ed, Ashwon & Corey) all graduated in '97 and me & Annie graduated in '99.  Annie's entire family are huge Steelers fans so this game was really important to them.  Aja had on an adorable tutu that Annie had made for her!  She was so cute!  Annie's mom spent a good bit of time with Deuce.  She has a grandson that lives up north that she doesn't see as often as Aja so I think she was getting in her "boy" time.  Deuce made his way to the basketball goal, of course.
We left right after the game was over (but not before Annie's dad - who was VERY upset scurried out)! I think the kids had a blast at their first super bowl party.  Can you tell which one is the party animal?

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