Friday, February 11, 2011

Attempts at Craftiness

Sometimes I wish I was a stay at home mom.  Other times I don't.  I have all of these things that I want to do and I never have the time to get them done.  Don't worry SAHM friends....I was a SAHM until I found a job and I didn't manage to get anything accomplished then either so I'm not sure it would really matter.  Taking care of the kiddos is such a full-time job that I know all of you have things you want to do too and just don't have the time for it.  So I am trying to force myself to set one project goal at a time and make it something small and easy that I can complete without much effort (amongst bottle washing, butt changing, dinner cooking & basketball games).  Then I won't feel overwhelmed and will feel satisfied when it's finished.  I am making a list because I am such a visual person and feel satiated when I can physically cross stuff off the list.  We'll see how it goes.

I saw the idea for a hanging wreath over at The Creative Homemaker and decided that I wanted to make my own version.  I went to the store with the idea that I would buy a heart and wrap it in pretty valentine's colors and hang it on the front door for the upcoming holiday.  But when I couldn't find a heart I liked, I sort of changed my idea.  Well I totally changed it.  I saw a wooden "G" and thought I could sort of revamp the idea into a monogram.  Where it was going to go I had no clue, I just wanted to try it out.  So I got the "G" and then headed over to the sewing section of Michael's to find some yarn.  I found some yarn that matched the colors of our bathroom perfectly!  We had the entire inside of the house repainted in April, like a week before Deuce was born, and I haven't hung anything up in the bathroom since.  So I thought I would take a chance & see if I have even the slightest bit of craftiness in my blood.

This is our shower curtain.  It is a dark teal with different shades of brown.  The walls are a seafoam green.
My letter ($3) & my yarn ($3).
I tied a knot around the letter to begin with and then very precisely wrapped the yarn around the letter.  Okay, I tried to be precise but it didn't always work.
I had some brown ribbon already at home.
So I made a bow & hung it on the wall.  Done.  Simple & easy.
Wrapping the yarn around a "G" was a little difficult around the serif points of the letter.  I may revisit it to see if I can figure out a more unified way of doing it.  Or maybe finding a different type of yarn would be better.  Something that doesn't have to be wrapped so perfectly & can be overlapped without affecting the look.  I imagine some other letters or shapes wouldn't be as difficult.  But I think it came out pretty good for a $6 project and it will complete my bathroom least for a little while.

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