Monday, February 7, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend!

Friday night we headed over to the Y and went swimming!  We love the Y.  TJ usually plays basketball and now that he is old enough, he can play a pick up game with whoever is in the gym.  It's nice that he doesn't have to be supervised every second that we're there.  Ed kind of floats around between the fitness center, the basketball courts and checking on me and Deuce in the pool.  Sometimes I work out but I usually find an excuse not to because I am deathly allergic to running & such.  So I would much rather swim in the pool with Deuce.  Seriously though, the child watch is only open until 7 on Fridays and that's what time I get home so by the time we get over to the Y, one of us has to stay with the baby.  That's my excuse and I think it's a pretty darn good one.  Our Y has a gradual entry shallow end which is great for babies because they can crawl or sit on their own and splash around.  There is one of those big umbrella things that "rains" water and there are some fountains that Deuce like to sit on top of so they splash on him!  We usually swim for about an hour and when he's ready to go, he's ready to go!
The Bat:
I wasn't lying when I said he carries it everywhere!  There are 2 things I'm sure my dad will make sure he is familiar with.  A baseball bat and a golf club.  I'm sure the clubs will be next.
Brotherly Love:
We decided to head down to Mebane to the outlets on Saturday night.  Ed & TJ had not been there yet.  Me & Deuce were there like the second it opened, come on now!  So I got Deuce dressed and TJ decided to change his clothes after he saw his little bro.  I may have to put this in his yearbook when he graduates high school.  Think he would kill me?  It'll be a good reminder when he's 16 and his 8 year old bro is getting on his nerves that he did love him at one time!
So with all of the Larry Drew II drama that happened on Friday, Deuce thought he should get a little practice in before Sunday's game in case Kendall Marshall needed his help.  Thankfully he didn't since KM put on a clinic for FSU & the entire Drew family.  Just in case anybody wants to know the Deuce Geer gotta put a lil' spit on the ball before you slam it through!  That's for you Coach Williams...don't forget to tell the boys on Wednesday!
Mirrors are Fun!
Who needs a bunch of toys when you have a mirror?  If your child gets fussy while you are dragging him around to shop...just put him in front of a mirror for a few minutes and watch him occupy himself!
Weekly Ihop Venture:
Ed & I should by stock in Ihop.  Seriously, I think we keep the one by our house in business.  When you know all of the staff, I would say so.  We go to Ihop at least once a week.  For several logical reasons. 
     1. Kids eat free after 4.  HOLLAH!
     2. TJ doesn't like to eat much, unless it's breakfast food.
     3. Deuce is an eating machine (ie: belly in swim pics) he already gets his own kids meal = FREE.
     4. 2 adult pancake meals at $5.99 & 2 free kids meals is a sweet deal.
It's going to be very, very soon!
We went to a Super Bowl party last night but I will have to do a separate post on that.  Too many cute pictures that need their own post!

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  1. OMG...I love all of these pictures. So cute. I can't wait to go swiming with him!!!


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