Monday, February 28, 2011

Swings, Slides & Sun!

Let me start off by saying that this is what happens to the baby's hair when daddy gives the baths.  I am starting with this first so you will have a chance to get used to it while viewing the following pictures.  I must say however, I am starting to like this curly headed mohawk, for right now at least.

We started out day at Ihop (are you surprised?) and this is what happens to a sleepy baby when he eats and hasn't napped.

(please excuse the end of the video....TJ thought he could sneak some more syrup while I was playing videographer and everyone was watching Deuce.  Dad is a hawk when it comes to TJ & sugar though.)

Saturday was so nice that we decided to go visit the park!  Yea!  NE Park is only a few miles from our house and it's a beautiful, quiet park.  So I put on my good shoes and out we went.
Deuce was asleep when we got there and after looking at the picture, I can see why so many people have asked me if he is a girl because he is "too pretty to be a boy."  I guess that's a compliment but I think it irritates Ed sometimes.  I must say that I was kind of weirded out by a lady at the Y pool who asked if he was a girl.  Because seriously, I bring my "daughter" to the Y to swim in swim trunks and no shirt...just sayin'.
Anyway, back to the park.  NE Park has a nice track around it that is about a mile long.  Perfect for stroller walking.  We had been there before but hadn't done a whole lot of walking so we were much more investigative this time.  We discovered that there is a canoe & kayak launch, a large pond for fishing and trails for horseback riding throughout.  We saw at least 4 different horses.  There is a huge swimming pool, a baseball field and numerous soccer fields.  We walked the track twice while Deuce napped.  TJ actually ran the entire time around the second lap.  We told him he could only run as far as we could see him so he would run and wait a little and then run some more and wait a little but he ran none the less.
After the 2nd time around the track Ed & TJ decided to throw the football for a bit while Deuce finished his nap.  I was so ready for him to wake up though so I could take him on the playground.  Finally he did and he had his first trip on the swings.  And o.m.g. he loved it!  Can't you tell?

TJ was beyond excited to play the "bigger,stronger" brother part by carting him everywhere and pushing him on the swings.  But he made sure Deuce didn't get higher than him on the swings.  He took Deuce on his first trip down the big slides.  I'm not sure that he was fully aware of what was going on but he was definitely having a blast!
They played tic-tack-toe on top of the jungle gym thing and rode on the bouncing frog.
I attempted to get a family photo of us and this is how it turned out.  Saweeeet!  Not 1 complete face & Deuce with a fist full of mommy's hair.  Glad I captured that!
And when it was time to load up the car, Deuce had his first driving lesson from daddy.
Don't worry, the car wasn't on.  I see several trips to the park in our near future!

These are what sunny days were intended for...


  1. hahaha! loved the video of him falling asleep at IHOP while downing the bottle-- too sweet! And the family photo at the end is classic! SO funny! Looks like a fun time at the park! xoxo


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