Monday, June 27, 2011

Office Bridal Shower

A few weeks ago I was approached by a coworker and asked if I could help throw a surprise shower for another coworker who is getting married in July.  {Thanks to my blog and some leftover baked goods from Deuce's party, I have become the local go-to-girl for all things crafty here at work.}  Anyway, the "would you be interested in helping?" turned in to "here is the $$, go for it!"  So I basically had free reign to do what I wanted.  Fortunately for me, the bride-to-be and I have similar tastes so we had been chatting a lot about her upcoming wedding already.  I knew her new last name, her colors and pretty much anything else I needed to know so I didn't have to ask her & create suspicion.  I was given $160 and away I went.  I challenged myself to create an atmosphere where everyone would feel like they had left work and not just stepped into the nearest conference room.  The final product consisted of dim lights provided solely by lamps in the room, giving a nice soft glow where you could still see everyone but weren't being sunburned by the awful, neon overhead fluorescent lights.  However, I had to have those awful lights on to get halfway decent pictures so you don't get the effect of the soft glow...sorry peeps.
The Cupcake Table
We had the cupcakes made but I made the toppers.
I made each topiary along with a wooden plaque displaying the bride-to-be's new last name complete with a fabric flower using leftover scraps from the rosette headbands.
 Her fiance loved this!
Want One???
 I got the photo of the couple off of their wedding website and added their wedding date to it.  The other toppers have an "A" and their names on them.
 Another coworker brought in this adorable pineapple-kabob that was so yummy and we positioned it on some burlap with some paper flowers I made.
 I added an element of the outdoors by borrowing sticks that my mom had spray painted and put in these milk containers.  I made large tissue paper flowers that were hung from the ceiling all over the conference room.
 The Food Table
A view of the other side of the conference room.
 The tissue paper flowers that hung over the food table.
 Doughnut Pops and Marshmallow Pops that I made.
For the centerpieces I used mason jars and wrapped them with burlap and twine.  Then I added small tissue paper flowers that were held together with floral wire.
 These decorative balls were purchased at goodwill and were used to decorate the center of the food table.  I made a smaller wooden plaque for the couple with their initial and names and the date of the wedding.
 This was the boutonniere that I made for the bride-to-be to wear.
Overall the shower came together really well.  I had a lot of help from some coworkers the day of to get the room all set up and get the bride's fiance in the building, all while keeping the surprise from her.  She was completely shocked and had no idea.  It was a success!


  1. You are so talented, Rachel! What a gift you have:)

  2. Cupcakes are my favorite and I would want my table to be filled with cupcakes on my bridal shower. This is a very interesting blog and I enjoyed going through it. My wedding is also around the corner and we have finalized a very pretty LA venue for that.


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