Tuesday, June 28, 2011

University Mall Concert Series: Black & Blue

I have been a fan of Black & Blue for a long time.  The first time I ever heard them was at a friend's wedding reception.  I said to myself that when I got married I wanted them or a group like them to play at my wedding.  They are so much fun!  {They were unfortunately booked on the day we got married but we lucked up with an equally amazing band instead.}  Anyway, I was excited to see them as part of the University Mall Summer Concert Series.  Deuce & I made our weekly trip to the mall and met mom & Laura.
The band was fantastic and, as always, Deuce was amazed by the stage, the instruments and the sound.  He rarely leaves the front of the stage.  This group had a great time singing to him and waved at him while he clapped & danced to their music.
He has to check out every single dog that he sees which can be daunting at times to chase after him when he spots one.  My sister's dog is VERY baby friendly and will let Deuce stick his hand in his mouth and pull his fur & pretty much anything else he manages to do.  {Not that I just let him pull the dogs fur but sometimes he gets away from me!}  Here, he met another sweet dog with a very gracious owner that just let him pet & pet & pet.  We are working on understanding the word "gentle" and not "let me pet the dog with slaps as hard as I can."  If I had let go of him he would have tried to lay down on the dog.  I have caught him trying to sit on our cat several times. No joke.  I think he's trying to ride them like his rocking horse. HA!
We visited the play area this time but there are several older kids that play in there.  They play tag and run around and are pretty rough.  Don't take that to mean that I want my boy to be a softy but he's not super secure on his feet quite yet and a bunch of wild 5 year olds are not really inclined to look out for a wobbly 14 month old. {We did let him play in the play area of the mall this past weekend and some kids came running around some obstacle and laid him out flat on his back.  I of course jumped up, but I waited and didn't move.  The little boy stopped to help him up and he shrugged him off and got up smiling on his own.}  He didn't leave the play area of the concert without making some friends though.
He joined a group of boys at the front of the stage for more dancing.
And then proceeded to show them how to dance by bouncing and poking out his lips. 
Wonder where he's seen that???
Liquid Pleasure will be playing this Thursday so please come out if you are in town.  They are an awesome group that is from the area.  They play great Motown & beach music hits.  There is sure to be a large crowd so bring your kiddos & your chairs and come see Deuce!!

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