Friday, June 17, 2011


Yes, I have been missing 'round these parts! Apologies... I have been so busy these past two weeks that my brain feels like a pile of mush that I can't make sense of. So much has happened from graduations to overwhelming work loads to throwing a bridal shower for the entire floor of my building {yes, i was appointed to be THAT person - thank you blogger...}, that I have been left with very little time to sit down and punch out a post.  However, I sense the calm after the storm coming next week so I have a bunch to catch you up on.

In the mean time...we have big news my friends.  Tuesday, June 14th, by the mommy powers vested in me, I officially declared my child big enough to turn around in his new "big boy" car seat.  Heck, he's almost 14 months and almost 30 pounds.  The seats arrived last week and I finally found 30 minutes to put it in my car on Monday night. {This after Ed had unpacked it but we had been distracted by something else so it just sat in the house for several days. The one for Ed's car is still in the box.}
{What up peeps?  Facing backwards is for babies...}
It didn't take long before the little guy was passed out in his new digs...check out milk splatter all over mommy's car door and crumbs all up in the seat. sigh.
And I love that he can face the front because I can see this whenever I want:
It's a big deal people.  My little dude is growing up so fast.  Now if we could just get rid of the pacifier...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
I think that may be our hardest challenge yet.

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  1. Della Scott didn't give hers up until her third birthday-I thought we would never get rid of it. (I yanked MK's cold turkey at one b/c I was so paranoid that she would do the same.). Anyway, we went to Build-a-Bear in the mall and sewed it into a monkey (now her beloved Caroline) and it worked like a charm. She could squeeze her and feel it when she wanted to. No drama, no problem. And she used it ALL the time, not just at night--xoxo


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