Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bath Time

We know Deuce loves the water.  He loves it anyway he can get it.  Last week TJ asked if he could give Deuce his bath so I let him have at it.  He washed his hair and lathered up the washcloth.  Then he made sure to get under his neck and armpants really well.  {Yes, you read that right.  TJ called them armpants until he was about 6.}  He also washed off his "goods" but definitely couldn't do it without laughing.  And as most 9 year olds would do, he attempted to sneak a pour in his mouth and in his ears.
Daddy was excited too {and super loud}.  You can see that when he is in he room, Deuce rarely takes his eyes off of him.  He loves water so much that when I got home from Zumba on Tuesday night, I found Deuce with daddy & the water hose... this 100+ degree weather has made for great water play in the evenings.

{Decorative Birth Stats}
I had quite a lot of people contact me after yesterday's post about wanting a print of their own.  I am more than happy to customize an 8x10 one for you for $10 each.  If you are interested, send me an email at with all of the information that you want to include {full name, date of birth, weight, time, length, place of birth}.  Don't forget to include color scheme and/or theme {for example: her room has ladybugs or his has boats or no graphics is great too!}.  I'll send you a proof and the final product will be delivered via .jpg image for you to print.  It will center on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper, perfect for framing.  I would recommend you print it on a high quality color printer on 100lb matte paper.  If you want me to print it & mail it to you, I'd be happy to for an extra $5 to cover paper, ink & shipping.

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