Friday, June 10, 2011

Water Play

For his birthday, my sister gave Deuce a blow-up beach ball that you hook the hose up to and it sprays out water.  He absolutely loved it!  Ed & I took turns blowing it up {it was pretty big} but once we were done, we just screwed the hose in and let it rip!  It was amazing!  It's like the perfect yard sprinkler/babysitter you could ever have.  What a combo!  We just sat in our chairs in the driveway and watched him go at it!
He would run in to it and wrap his arms around it and try to drink it.  He just couldn't get enough.  He was trying to pick it up and move it, only his little arms weren't big enough.  We moved it a couple of times to different spots in the yard to get as much to hit the grass as possible.  This 100+ degree weather has really burnt up everyone's grass!
After his shirt was soaked and he was walking around looking like a drowned rat, I lathered him up with some more sunscreen and let him strip!  His little belly just makes me giggle and if you ask him where his belly is, he points to it with both hands like he's some fat, jolly old man.  I {may} be a little biased but I think he's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen...
After he was done playing he dried off in the driveway with his shark towel.  He was playing peek-a-boo with us and pretty much had a tantrum when it was time to go inside.  Two things I have learned for fact: 1. He loves water. 2.  He loves to be outdoors.
A few more pics of peek-a-boo.  He was so entertaining just laughing at himself while I was taking pictures.  These pictures were taken very close together.  Notice how quickly his hair curled up, lol!
Here, it's starting to dry out...
And here is a shot of his 3 1/2 teeth...
Happy Friday!

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  1. So cute and I just know my nieces would love that water ball... if you don't mind me asking... where did your sister get it?


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