Friday, July 1, 2011

A Day at the Lake

A few weeks ago we ventured to Jordan Lake for a birthday party.  My good friend Robin from work was throwing a birthday party for her granddaughter, Hailee, that turned 3.  They had a great area set up right off of the path to the beach area of the lake for Hailee's Ice Cream Social party.  Per the usual, my family was late so I didn't get pictures of the set up prior to everyone eating.  The different flavors of ice cream were all spread out in a bucket of ice.  There were so many toppings it was unbelievable!
 This is the cupcake stand.  Wooden tiers that were wrapped in paper and ribbon.
 The super cute cupcakes that were in pots! After the cupcake was eaten, there was a decorating station where the kids could personalize their pots.
 Favors: Flower candies on pretzel sticks
 Deuce enjoyed walking from table to table with his snacks.  He ate plenty of sand and dirt this day, as he immediately picked up and ate every single snack that he dropped.
 The birthday girl opening her gifts.
 After the party was over I took the boys swimming.  They loved the lake.  It wasn't too crowded and there was plenty of room to swim.
 Deuce does not want anybody to touch his shark towel.
 After swimming we went to the playground to dry off.
 Playing in the sand with TJ.  Which resulted in another trip to the water to wash off.
 TJ made friends with some random dude and his kids and they convinced the guy to push them on the tire swing.  Like forever.  I know he was tired.  And hot....seriously, dude you're at the lake.  Black tee, jeans and timbs?  Whatever.  We had a good time people watching.  It was amazing how many people did not care how big they were and how little their bathing suit was... I digress.
 Probably deep in thought about how he can finagle his way on to the tire swing.
 Tired after a long day of swimming and playing!
Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and please remember to stay safe!  There was a terrible accident yesterday that resulted in 3 fatalities right smack in the middle of my daily commute.  Luckily, I was actually coming from the opposite direction for a change so I passed the scene.  It very easily could have been me as I am usually on that side of the road.  Really freaked me out.  Anyway, remain aware while you are on the roads!

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