Monday, July 11, 2011

Farmer Deuce

So my parents decided to start their own garden this year in a section of land to the side of their house.  They are making an attempt to grow all things yummy like corn, cabbage, lettuce, beans, carrots, cucumbers and squash {plus some others I'm sure}.  It's been a learning process for them but it is developing quite nicely.  Since Deuce is staying with my mom quite a bit this summer while she's out of school, he has had a chance to spend a good amount of time in the garden. 
Nana bought him a pair of garden boots that he wasn't too fond of at first.  Once he saw everyone else putting them on though, problem was solved.  They are about 2 sizes too big for him but that was all they had so she got them anyway.  He was having a hard time walking at first but then he got the hang of it.  I love them.
He watches very carefully to see what Grandpa is doing.  He squats down and intensely stares back and forth between his face and his hands.  And Grandpa is too cute because he explains in great detail what he is doing as though Deuce understands every thing he is saying.
The squash has really taken off and they have it coming out of their ears.  It's a good thing that my family loves squash because I think I have gotten a bundle every time I have seen my mom {which is almost every day!}  I have given a bunch to Ed's parents and to the neighbors.  Here, Deuce was inspecting it and letting Grandpa know which ones were ready to be picked.  Then he let us know where we should move to next.

 squash & corn

There are some areas that still need to be addressed.  The first issue is the intense deer population that they have out there.  I think they were going to get some of that stuff you spray to keep the deer away and see how that works.  The other issue is the enormous about of weeds that have taken over some of the garden.  I know my mom has these great intentions of weed eating the garden but a busy toddler doesn't allow for much of that.  At least he tries to help though {for all of 5 seconds before he finds a clump of dirt he thinks is a ball and he wants you to play catch with it.....}.
 It makes me smile to drive up and see my parents in the garden with the little guy!

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