Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Harrison Turns One!

Deuce's buddy Harrison turned 1 last Friday so we stopped by Harrison's house after work to drop off a little gift Deuce had picked out.  Well technically, he "picked out" the entire store but we finally settled on one gift, this thing you pound balls into with a mallet.  I'm sure Harrison's mom, Val, loves that.  Sorry Val!
It didn't take Harrison long to put the mallet in his mouth...
Harrison's daddy is a soccer coach so he is quite familiar with the soccer ball, much like Deuce is with a basketball.  {see toy thingy to the left? you pound those balls in the holes with the mallet and they roll down and come out the bottom.}
 Deuce liked the balls and just wanted to throw them all over Harrison's house and then put them back in their holes.  Here we were telling him "YEA" because he actually matched up the green colors.  The others, not so much.
 And Harrison loved the mallet. 
{Oh and that's a half-way shot of Felton, Harrison's sweet, sweet dog that Deuce loved!  Felton licked Deuce over and over again and Deuce loved it.  At one point, Davis put Felton on the back porch and Deuce went over to the window and did his "WOOF" and Felton barked back at him.  HI-LAR-IOUS!}
 Happy 1st Birthday to Harrison and here's to many more years of the boys hanging out!

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  1. That was really sweet! Harrison loves the toy, especially the hammer/mallet. He walks around with in his mouth like a pipe! I'm sure he is going to fall one day and knock out all teeth.


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