Thursday, July 7, 2011

Here Fishy, Fishy!

I love weeks with a Monday off.  The weekend arrives so much faster and I am very much looking forward to this weekend.  Last Friday, I scooted out of work a tad early and went over to my friends Chris & Patrice's house.  They've just moved in to this fantastic new house they built in a new subdivision near Southpoint.  My sister was watching Deuce for the day so we decided that she would meet me at Patrice's house since she hadn't seen it yet.  One of the nice things about moving into a new subdivision is that there are not a lot of homeowners yet which means the brand new pool is not swarming with people. 
Last Friday was beautiful so we decided that we would take Deuce swimming.  My sister had already taken him swimming that morning and then to the mall but what the heck, the kid is like a fish!  The kiddie pool in this neighborhood was fantastic and perfect for Deuce.  It is 1 ft deep all the way around and there is one of those mushroom things that pours water off {which he loves at the Y, by the way}.  So I initially put him in the water and let him walk around but quickly discovered that if he fell, he wasn't quite big enough on his hands and knees to keep his head out of the water.  So then I got out his $3 float that I got at Walmart and let him sit in it.  This was perfect!  He could still walk or float if he wanted too, and he wasn't going to fall over. 
{sorry for the crappy pictures, it was incredibly bright with no shade cover at all}
You see my kid is kind of independent and he doesn't want me to hold his hand when he is trying to do something so the only way I could let him go on his own was to have him in this float.  He was so happy!  He was afraid of the mushroom at first but once his ball happened to float up in there he just sucked it up and dove through the water to get it.  After that, he wouldn't stay away from the thing!  And every time I went near him he thought we were playing "tag" or something so he would try and "run" away from me.  After we swam for about an hour and a half we got out of the pool and dried off while Deuce read his "Bob" book to us and played with his cow.
And those of you that know Southpoint know how close it is to the highway.  Before I even finished merging on to 40 - he was already sound asleep.  Ahhhh...a quiet ride back to Greensboro.  I {heart} summer afternoons!

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