Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hair Cut?

There is a debate going on in my house right now.  Over hair.  Yes, hair.  Ed is ready to cut Deuce's hair off. ARGH!  Maybe "cut it off" is a bit extreme, but he wants to at least trim it.  Me not so much...  I don't quite know why though.  Maybe it's because it's another step towards him being a toddler and not my little baby.  Maybe it's because he will now have to start going to get a hair cut bi-monthly (ugh $$$) or maybe it's because it doesn't seem like it's grown in enough to warrant a cut.  It's still kind of mohawk-ish so what if he looks like he has a receding hair line at 15 months?  Granted, his hair does often look like this.....
and this... {see thin spots?}
...but still.  I think it's cute.  And I am well aware that my baby is half black and half white so he is prone to nappiness when it comes to hair.  He already has a nappy patch in the back.  Yeah, I said nappy patch.  I just think Ed is ready to see how his hair grows back.... soft & curly or bristly.  Ed says he is the dad & Deuce is a boy so ultimately it's his decision...  we'll see if that happens, but I'm thinking: nuh-uh.

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