Monday, July 18, 2011

Friday's on the Front Porch

This past Friday I took Deuce over to the Carolina Inn to listen to the bluegrass sounds of Big Fat Gap for Friday's on the Front Porch.  We met up with some good friends and had a great time.  The weather was perfect and both Deuce and I got to catch up with some old (and not so old, literally) friends.

This is Harrison.  Harrison will be 1 on Friday.  He belongs to Davis and Val.  My mom was Davis' 5th grade teacher and he and I later became good friends in high school.
This is Cal.  Cal will be 2 in September.  He belongs to Carrie & Eddie.  I met Carrie at church in middle school and we became good friends while cheerleading together in high school.  I met Eddie in middle school. (Holla, Culbreth Cougars! Ed and I have this debate almost weekly, he was a Phillips Falcon, with Davis & Carrie).
The guy on bass and lead vocals for Big Fat Gap is Miles Andrews.  He just so happens to be one of my cousin Brian's childhood best friends.  And it just so happens that Miles' younger sister, Natalie, is one of my childhood best friends.  How excited do you think I was when I found out Natalie was in town from NYC for the weekend??  Here is Deuce waving to Miles' back...with his other hand chillin' in his pocket.
Not sure who this kid is but he was a friend of Cal's so Deuce thought he was pretty cool.  They stood next to the band and danced for a bit...
Can y'all tell that Harrison has a dog?  He sure knows what to do with that leash!  It's a good thing that Carrie's brother's dog was so used to kids because they were flocking to him like a pack of fleas!
And Deuce decided to eat some sticks.  For a minute anyway, until he discovered that he doesn't really enjoy the taste of bark so he threw them down and then decided to lay it on down like a hippie under the stars.
We had such a good time!  I saw several other classmates from high school and it was so nice to catch up!  I think we will be making this part of our weekly music routine...

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  1. Gotta Love Big Fat Gap...they played the Ducks Unlimited fundraiser on Saturday too. I used to walk to Carrboro elementary with Miles. WOW small world for sure...maybe we will catch up again here, or UMall. Have a great week.


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