Thursday, August 11, 2011

15 Month Update.

Right before we left for vacation, Deuce had his 15 month well visit.  Everything checked out well and he is a healthy, happy BIG boy!  At the time he weighed 28 pounds and 7 ounces (90th percentile), was 32.5 inches long (85th percentile), and his head was 48 centimeters (75th percentile).  I was assured that Deuce is proportioned very well and his eating habits (which are nonstop face-stuffing) were just fine as long as:
  1. He is eating well balanced meals - which he does- (oatmeal, fruit, veggies, turkey, ham, rice, mac & cheese & toddler snacks mostly). 
  2. His weight and height are evenly proportioned.  Dr. Davis told me that if the weight was 90th percentile and the height was 50th percentile, then we would have a problem!
He did get 2 shots at this appointment but they were very quick and in the same leg so it was over before I knew it...unlike LAST TIME!  He is very energetic now and has begun the descent to the terrible two's.  He is very opinionated with his "Uh's" when he is trying to make his point.  He tries to hit/swat at everything that is in front of him from the couch to the table, from my back to my face.  SO we are experimenting with some discipline techniques to see what works the best to get him to understand what is and isn't appropriate.  His favorite word is "dada" {he says it all the time, not jealous or anything...} and he also says moon, hi, nana, oh, TJ and a few others.  My favorite thing is his barking though.  He says "woo,woo,woo" anytime he sees a dog and he makes a sort-of pouty face when he says it, kind of like he barking at the moon...  He is wearing size 24 months clothing and we are just barely squeezing his foot into his size 5 shoes.  We really need to get him some 6's this weekend.  I think the hair "trim" is coming soon too.  It's becoming ridiculous...

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