Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chase's 1st Birthday!

I am so behind on my blogging so I am taking you back a few weeks.  Chase is one of Deuce's best friends.  His 1st birthday was on July 23rd so we drove out to Siler City to Ms. Joan & Mr. Bill's house (Chase's grandparents.)  I have to say, when we arrived, I saw Rebecca snapping away with this amazing DSLR camera {jealous!} so I inquired about her new purchase.  Come to find was actually Grandpa Bill's and being the nice friend that I am, I offered to take pictures throughout the entire party so Rebecca could actually enjoy her son's 1st birthday.  She is so sweet and knows how I am about pictures and blogging so she agreed and I was beyond thrilled to practice with the camera of my dreams.  So I stole most of these pictures from Rebecca's facebook page and the camera is not mine either...but I did actually press the "click" button!  I obviously have a lot to learn but some of them came out nice!
The day was beautiful and the party set up was bright and full of summer fun.  Rebecca and her mom had put in a lot of work {they always do} and the food was so pretty & colorful, not to mention yummy.
Chase thoroughly enjoyed his cake.  Unlike Deuce, he dug right in and smeared it all over his face, his high chair and the floor.  It was hard to take it away from him!  Deuce enjoyed his cupcake too and like most of the time, I ended up with more cupcake on me than he did!
After cake, Chase got a quick wash down before it was time to head outside and swim.  I think Deuce was a little jealous that his buddy got to take a bath and he didn't!
After the bath, both boys put on their swim trunks and headed outside to play.  Rebecca's parents have a pond in their front yard so the boys swam in a blow up baby pool beside the pond while the dad's and big bro's fished.  Ed caught one heck of a turtle {which turned out to be a log!} :)  Check out his new camo hat that he just had to have before the party...
Deuce and Chase played and played and played...swimming in the pool, playing with the water table, beating each other up and chasing each other around.  These two are going to be so much fun to watch grow up.
Chase got a lot of fun presents (that Deuce was sure to test out for him) and we had a great time spending the evening with our good friends!

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