Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Family History Lesson. The Elkins.

A few weeks ago was the Elkins family reunion in Greensboro. Prior to the reunion, my cousin Autumn had the genius idea to bring her scanner so that anyone who has old pictures of the family could scan them in to Autumn's computer where they could be stored electronically, without giving up the actual copies. Since most of the family is on facebook, Autumn created an Elkins Family page where all of these pictures could be stored. At least until a central location is determined that would ultimately give everyone access, even those without a facebook. So I thought I would share a little bit about 1/4 of my family with you. {These pictures are for sure out of order but I have no idea of the dates so sorry for jumping around.}

This is my maternal grandmother's side of the family. Her name was Rachel Lugenia Elkins and she was one of 10 children (8 girls and 2 boys). There were actually 12 but 2 died at a very young age. Here is my great-grandparents with their 10 children. My grandmother is sitting on the left side of the sofa with the bow on her dress.
This is my grandmother on the left with her sister Ree on the right.  My grandfather is behind my grandmother and Ree's husband Sam is behind her.  I am not sure if they were all married at the time of this picture or not.  I think that my sister looks a lot like my grandmother in this picture.
I find it humorous that I was named after my grandmother and Ed has always called me Ree (my initials before I was married), just like my grandmother's sister. Ed's entire family calls me Ree. My grandfather was in the Army Air Corps. According to my mom, the Army and the Air Force were combined during WWII.  They became separate divisions around 1948.  Grandaddy was a pilot instructor in Dodge City, Kansas, which is where my mom's older brother was born in 1944.
Here are portraits of my grandfather and grandmother: Carl Edison & Rachel Elkins Wallace
My grandparents with my uncle and my mom, who are almost 10 years apart.
This is another picture of my great grandmother with her 10 children. This picture is how I remember all 10 of them.  This is closer to how they looked when I was born, although I wasn't born during this picture.  I never met my great grandparents.  My grandmother is in the front left with the super cute yellow print dress on.
This is at my christening in Hampton, VA in THIS church.  My grandaddy officiated at my baptism and used water that he had brought back from Jerusalem, I believe... I'll have to ask my mom and correct myself if necessary on that one.  In this picture is my grandparents and my aunt, uncle and 3 cousins.  We are all roughly 2 years apart.
This shot is from a family reunion back in 1984.  Can you spot me??
YES!  That's me...the little boy in the front with the bowl haircut!  I still give my mom grief about that one.  Check out my cute sister with her chunky cheeks like Deuce sitting with my mom behind me.  I'm sure people thought my parents had a boy and a girl...
This is a picture of my grandparents in their last house, which just so happens to be right down the street from where Ed and I currently live.  When I think of the few memories I have of my grandparents, this is how I picture them.  That couch still sits in my mothers house and has been recovered on multiple occasions.  Below is a picture of a reunion we had in 2007 at my parents beach house.  The group was not as large at this event but it was still fun and a beautiful day.
And here are some pictures from the 2011 reunion.  Out of the 10 children in my grandmother's family, there is only 1 left.  Aunt Jerry, who is 89.  She & Deuce both learned how to fist bump at the reunion.
Nana just loooooves showing off her grand baby to all of her cousins.  My uncle Wally had his first grandchild about 6 weeks before Deuce was born so they became grandparents at the same time. My Aunt Diana said that she thought Uncle Wally was going to lick Kate, he was so in love with her and my mom said well she would eat hers...
We took pictures of each individual family.  Grandpa Bob had shoulder surgery a few days before so he wasn't able to come.
And then the big group shot.  I still can't believe we were able to get everyone in it and actually looking at the camera, for the most part.
We missed those that were not there (like a good chunk of people couldn't make it - there are so many people when you come from a family of 10!) but we had a great time catching up.  I loved every second of Deuce meeting and hanging out with his new cousins!  He was worn out from playing so hard.  I hope to pass on these pictures to my children who will then continue the tradition.

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