Monday, August 15, 2011

Deep Gap.

We ended our summer vacation to Knoxville by meeting up with Rebecca and Daniel and renting a cabin in Deep Gap, right outside of Boone.  We were coming from Knoxville and they were coming from Greensboro so we met for dinner in Boone on Friday night. 
I went to Appalachian State for my freshman year of college and I had not been back to Boone since the day I moved out of my dorm - May 2000.  That's a long time ago.  So while we were in Boone, I made a point to go visit my old dorm and show Ed & TJ where I stayed. 
We also drove through campus and down King Street and stopped over at the football stadium where the team was wrapping up workouts. 
While we were at the field, a player who seemed to be about 6'4-ish and of the lineman type, walked up to me with some of his teammates and said, "I just have to tell you, your son is the spitting image of me when I was that age.  I feel like I am looking at myself when I'm looking at him!"  I told him that I hoped he got his size and ability if he was playing at App, who won the D1AA National Championship 3 years in a row... we need to keep the Elkins collegiate football tradition alive!!
I definitely took for granted my time up there.  I was at a time in my life where I thought I knew what was best for me {18 years old...really?  Mom: you win!!} and that was being back home in Chapel Hill were my then-boyfriend was.  Most definitely not the right decision on so many levels and looking back, I didn't give App the fair chance that I should have.  BUT, had I not made the decisions that I did, who knows where my life would have me now so no more need to look back.  Moving on...
After we left the stadium we met Rebecca and Daniel for dinner.  After dinner and a quick trip to the store, we headed to the cabin.  The cabin was AMAZING!  If you are ever looking for a place to stay that is very reasonably priced, I suggest checking THIS place out.  Our original plan was to go to Tweetsie on Saturday but after discovering how amazing the cabin was, we decided not to go until Sunday, after we checked out, so that we could enjoy all that this cabin had to offer.
There is a jacuzzi on the side of the house (you can see above through the windows) and a private waterfall that runs down the side of the house which you can gaze at while in the jacuzzi (you can sort of see the rocks from it in the above picture).  The house is fully furnished with everything you could ever need to cook, linens & towels, washer & dryer, games, movies, horseshoe pit, fire pit, rockers on the porch and easy access to Deep Gap Creek.  It was amazing.  So we didn't leave the house on Saturday.  I cooked breakfast for everyone Saturday morning and then we went down to the creek to do some wading, swimming & fishing.  It was amazing!!
Deuce & Chase most definitely enjoyed the creek.  They waded in the cool water, splashed around, threw every rock they could find (Deuce was going for the biggest ones) and Chase even snuck in a nice nap.
While Rebecca and I walked the babies up and down the creek, the older ones fished with the dad's.  Austin was the only one to catch a fish, and it was a little guy, but he was happy as a clam that he caught one.
Rebecca and I also saw the most beautiful rainbow trout ever and it scared Rebecca, which subsequently scared me, because it swam right up to her legs.  It wouldn't bite anything the boys had but it hung around long and close enough for me to grab a few shots...
We went back to the cabin well after lunch time and got the babes to nap while Austin & TJ played nerf basketball outside.  While the boys were playing basketball, we snuck the babies out to another fishing hole so that the mommies could fish.  It was awesome!  I counted at least 20 different trout swimming in this hole right below us but they would not bite.  We had trout worms and everything.  We later found out from Ed's brother that they like corn...
After we went back to the house, we cooked dinner over the fire, literally.  Burgers and potatoes in foil in the flames, hot dogs on a stick and then of course there were s'mores to top it off.  None of the boys had ever really eaten like that and TJ was afraid to eat his hot dog since it was black but once I convinced him to take a bite of it (and he wasn't going to be outdone by Austin), he said it was the best hot dog he had ever had.
This may have been one of the best days I have had all summer.  Sunday we went to Tweetise, more on that tomorrow.

I am taking Deuce back to the doctor today about his folliculitis.  It has gotten significantly worse.  I took him to the Urgent Care at Moses Cone Hospital on Thursday night after I picked him up from work and his legs were completely swollen and the spots had grown in size, some of them like quadrupled...  When we got to the Urgent Care, he had a temperature of 101.  The doctor came in a glanced at him for all of 2.5 seconds and said he was going to prescribe an oral antibiotic and then he walked out.  After expressing my displeasure to the nurse and reminding him that I am a first time mother, with a child who has never been sick or had to go to the doctor for more than a well visit, I was expecting more information about what was happening with my child.  The doctor again came in and told me he would be just fine and that he should look much better by Monday.  Well it's Monday, and we are on day 5 of the oral antibiotic and the topical antibiotic and I don't think he's much better so I am taking him to see his regular doctor.  I want to make sure that this bacterial infection is not doing more damage than we realize...  I'll keep you posted. 

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