Monday, August 22, 2011

Just a Normal Weekend...

...where we spent very little time at home. Friday night we went out to eat at Chili's.  I think I have decided that we will be eating a lot more take out over the next few months. Eating out becomes quite challenging when your toddler likes to throw everything that he can get his hands on from his sippy cup, to his spoon to his crayons (which go really far) and even his mashed potatoes that he threw so they stuck to the restaurant window. And when they figure out how to get out of their highchair or scream really loud because they know you will get them out, the enjoyable dinner becomes all too stressful. My mom has always said, "I'm not sure why it's called terrible two's because it starts long before they turn 2." She is so right. My child is soon going to think his name is "NO!" because I feel like that's all I say to him. I always try to praise him when he does right and even after I tell him NO - and he puts down the golf club he's holding over his head, preparing to whack me with - I still try to say "thank you" and smile or "good job" or something like that. But seriously, challenging right now!
Saturday, after Zumba for me and a workout at the Y for the boys, we went to Lake Macintosh in Burlington where the Elon MBA program was hosting their annual Pig Pickin'. I have had very little time to be as involved with the MBA program as I was pre-baby so I wanted to take Deuce out to see some of my old classmates and professors. It was a beautiful day and the turn out was great. There was lots of good food and a beautiful setting. I only took 1 picture the whole time and that was Deuce playing in the leaves on the playground. He was too little last year so I guess it was his first experience playing with them. He kept picking them up and throwing them over his head! He had a ball!
Then we went down the road further to Durham and had dinner over at Harrison's house. We cooked out burgers and hot dogs {actually Davis did the grilling} and there were 7 kiddos running around their house.  Deuce ate a hot dog and his favorite, tater tots. He also got to play with Harrison's dog Felton, whom he absolutely loves!  Val & Davis were so gracious to have us over!
photo courtesy of Val & Davis
Yesterday we got up and went to church and then went to the Y again so I could Zumba and the boys could play basketball. Needless to say, we were exhausted last night and even more so this morning!
And my sweet little Civic hit a milestone last week....and it only took 3 years, which means I still have 3 more years of payments.  YuCk!
PS... Deuce is 16 months old today!  Already???

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