Monday, January 17, 2011

Where Has the Time Gone?

Seriously, have I been asleep for the past 14 months?
Somebody please tell me how to make it slow down.  We were just planning each others baby showers and now we're planning 1st birthday parties. ACK!
November 15, 2009
January 15, 2011
Kelley & Logan (3/17), Me & Deuce (4/22), Leigh Anne & Weston (1/13)
We celebrated Weston's first birthday on Saturday at Kevin & Leigh Anne's in Youngsville.  This was Deuce's first birthday party and he had a blast!  There were tons of kids there and plenty of toys to go around.

As to be expected, Leigh Anne had everything set up just perfectly.  Weston's room is themed with giraffes & jungle animals so it was only fitting that the theme be carried over to his first birthday party.
There were party hats for all of the kids.
And homemade chocolate suckers that Leigh Anne made herself.  Super Cute!
Deuce & Logan got to meet for the first time.  Logan lives in Charlotte. :(
The birthday boy really enjoys playing with measuring spoons.  Look at that sweet face!
Quick family shot before cake!
Weston had his own jungle themed cake that was made with lots of love by his nanny.
He never really dug in to it though.  He enjoyed picking up the animals one by one and licking the icing off.  Leigh Anne started to clean his face after each one and I had to remind her that he was supposed to be messy while eating his own 1st birthday cake...
There was also a yummy cake made for everyone else.  It was delicious with a custard filling and whipped icing.  Yummy!
Weston got lots of great toys and he decided to be proactive & read the instruction manual before playing with them.
He was very kind and let all of the kids play with his new toys.  Deuce returned the favor & let Weston try out his bottle.
  After everyone had left, we stayed for a little while and just let our 3 boys play together.  I guess Deuce just couldn't take anymore of the fun! (note: the middle of the picture, he kinda blends in)
Happy 1st birthday Weston!  I guess next week we will start planning y'alls graduation party!

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  1. So much. Hate that I missed the party. I absolutely love the pic of Weston reading the instruction manual. That is super cute and totally KEVIN....


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