Friday, January 21, 2011

He's on the Move!

Here is a video of little man crawling around the house last night.  He has become a speedy little guy in just the one week since he "officially" first crawled.  TJ is beyond excited that he can move around now because Deuce is already following him everywhere...the bathroom, his bedroom, the kitchen, etc...

Man things are really going to get hectic from here!
(Please excuse the dirty floor.  This was pre-vacuuming.)

Deuce stayed with my mom on Monday since it was a holiday and she was out of school.  She called me to tell me that she went in to the bedroom and found Deuce standing in his crib!  Luckily she had already lowered the mattress!  But we hadn't lowered ours at home.  So I told Ed that had to be done immediately when we got home from work.  He's had some trouble sleeping still this week but I think it finally caught up with him last night.  He slept from 10pm to 7:30am.  I heard him making noise on the monitor and I went in to get him after I showered and there he was...still swaddled and standing in his crib, staring at the door.  He smiled at me like he was so proud of himself.  He is so fun right now!

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  1. yay!!! Chris is crawling! Just wait....I swear, it just gets better and better! Hope to see you soon! xoxo


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