Friday, January 7, 2011

Meeting of the Cousins

Here are some more pictures from our trip to Tennessee.  We spent the remainder of the trip visiting with family.  Actually I didn't leave Aunt Rita's house from when we got home from the basketball game on Friday until we left on Sunday morning.  Ed & TJ went to play basketball on Saturday.  It was so nice to be around my family, be a grungy mess and not have anywhere to be or anything to do.

This is Chris with his cousin Jaycie.  He is just 6 days older than her.  This is their 2nd time meeting.  They were sharing a hug.
 Jaycie gave him a quick peck on the cheek.  I caught it but didn't have time to focus it... sad.
Playing in one of the play rooms with Ricky.
Jaycie made her way over to Deuce & Ricky.
 Deuce's first New Year's.  He loves his cousin Chanler!
 Uncle Jeff
 Yeah he's up and awake for his first New Year's. 
There was just so much excitement at the house!
 With his cousin Jami Grace
 With his cousin Haley.  This was their first meeting and she loved him!
 TJ with some of his "new" cousins, as he calls them.  They belong to my cousin Robby & his wife Ashley and it was the first time TJ had met them.
Carter - 2, Haley - 5, TJ - 8, Dylan - 9 & Hayden - 6
 The boys had a good time playing pool & Wii together.
 Y'all he is so close to crawling!  He rocks back and forth and locks out his legs in a push up position and then hops his knees under him.  He gets where he wants to go but it takes him a while and some rolling over and he gets frustrated.  ANY DAY now he is just going to take off!
 He loved Aunt Rita's Christmas tree.
 He enjoyed their hardwoods too because it was easy to slide everywhere.  He rolled his way from the tree down the hall where he was playing peek-a-boo with me.
 Time for night-night in his new jammies Auntie gave him for Christmas.

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