Friday, January 28, 2011

9 Month Well Visit

Deuce & I went to visit Dr. Davis this morning for his 9 month well visit.  Today he is 9 months and 6 days old.  Everything went great!  At his last appointment with Dr. Davis he was 6 months old and I was still nursing.  He weighed 14lbs 12oz and was in the 10th percentile for weight!!!  As of this morning he is now 20lbs 8.5oz and is 50th percentile for weight.  He is 28.5inches long (55th percentile) and his head circumference is 18inches (44cm - 15th percentile). 
He has no problem eating and often acts like he is starving but I promise he is being fed.  A LOT!  The other day we ate Bojangles and I had just fed him.  He proceeded to crawl over to us, pull up on the table and pitch a fit.  He grabbed a handful of Ed's fries and I made the mistake of giving him a bite of my mashed potatoes.  It was a mistake because he ate the whole thing!  And then cried when it was gone!  He is a mess!  As of right now we have no problem with him and foods.  I'm sure he wishes that his teeth would hurry up so he could start eating some better food!

Speaking of teeth, he still has none!  But today Dr. Davis said that his gums do look a little swollen so hopefully they will pop through soon!  He assured me that 20% of all babies do not have any teeth by their 1st birthday so there was nothing for me to worry about.

Deuce's heart beat is great, his breathing is great, his eyes look great, his ears are clear and his hips, legs & feet are developing nicely.  We have not been sick yet (I am knocking on a humongous piece of wood right now) and we are hoping that we don't have to go back to Dr. Davis until the 1 year check up.  He received 2 shots today, the 3rd hepatitis shot and his 2nd flu shot.  He cried for just a second and I didn't cry at all (Carrie you were right that it does get a little easier each time) so I consider this a successful doctors appointment for Deuce AND for me! :)

We are working on the sippy cup so that by 1 year we can get him off of the bottle.  He likes to pick it up and throw it but hasn't quite figured out how to drink from it.  He will figure it out with more and more practice, I'm sure.  He crawls super fast and pulls up on everything!  He enjoys showing us that he can let go with one hand and does it with so much pride.  It freaks me out but I try and let him do what he can.  When he does fall I try really hard not to rush over to him or act like I'm worried.  I take my time and console softly and tell him he is just fine and he usually gets over it really quickly.  He is a boy and I am going to need him to be tough for football!  When he "walks" with us he doesn't really walk, it's more like a run.  And he giggles so hard while he does it.  I love it.

His sleeping patterns kind of suck right now.  Sometimes he will sleep for several night in a row all night long.  Then when I think we are forming a good habit, he will hardly sleep at all the next night.  I hate that we have the long drive home after work because he always sleeps and it messes him up.  That extra nap keeps him up later.  Last night he wouldn't go down until like 11pm.  Then he only slept until about 12:30am (which was right after I finally fell asleep).  So I got up with him and he was up off and on until about 4am.  UGH!  I finally got him back down in the crib about 4am and he woke up again at 5am.  It was Ed's turn.  He got up with Deuce and he never really went back to sleep until after the Dr this morning while I was on the way to work.  So my eyes are bloodshot all the time.  Somebody at work asked me if I had been crying the other day.  Uh, nope...that's called having a baby at home.  I went to the bathroom and sure enough, my eyes were sooo red!!!

Anyway, he is healthy and happy and growing right on track!  His first birthday will be here before I know it and I just might start crying now thinking about it!  Maybe I should invest in some Visine???
I just woke up so quit taking pictures of me!

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  1. I told you!!!!! (unless that's a different Carrie....!) haha-- he is just adorable! And, also remember that I said this: it REALLY does just get better and better! I promise! xoxo


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