Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mashaka the Monkey

My eyes were opened to the website a little while back and I have fallen in love with it.  For any of my momma friends, you MUST check it out.  They release a different product twice a day (11am/11pm est) and it is drastically reduced in price, sometimes by up to 80% off.  Yes, I said 80%.  I check the site every day and I made my first purchase last week.  I bought a Baby Zoobie, Mashaka the monkey, for Deuce.
The retail price is $25-$30, depending on where you buy it.  I purchased Mashaka from babysteals for $12.99.  Say What?  Oh yeah!!! 

Mashaka at home in the nursery.
Let me show you what Mashaka can do...

Did you notice in the first picture that Mashaka's belly has straps across it.  Well not only is Mashaka a super soft stuffed animal, but he is a pillow for Deuce's little head.
Not only is Mashaka a super soft stuffed animal and a pillow for Deuce's little head, but he is also a warm fuzzy blanket.
The blanket is attached so Deuce can be covered up while holding on to Mashaka when he naps.  There is a zipper attaching the blanket to the Mashaka so that the blanket can be removed for easy washing.  Plus, there is a silky corner...I used to love the silky parts of my blankie when I was little.

Deuce already loves Mashaka!  On the way to Grandma's this morning I turned around and saw him kissing Mashaka's face (or maybe just self soothing sore gums & gnawing on it a lil' bit, lol!)
(and mommy loves target apparently)

Mashaka the monkey is not the only Zoobie there is.  There is a huge collection!  Click here to visit the Zoobie site and BEWARE: lots of cuteness ahead....

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