Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nana's Knee Surgery

So my mom has had two knee surgeries this summer. She had a partial knee replacement on her left leg in the middle of May. She went to physical therapy with Val (Harrison's mommy) and diligently did her exercises at home. Because it was her left leg, she was able to drive not too long after her surgery. She was well enough to go back to school half-days for the last few days of the school year, roughly 4 weeks after her surgery. Last Tuesday she had a partial knee replacement on her right knee. She was very strategic and worked so hard to rehab her left leg so that she could have the right one done as soon as possible. If she has the same success with her right leg as she did her left, she should be okay to head back to school just in time for the new school year to start. Both times she had her surgery at the North Carolina Specialty Hospital in Durham. She had the surgery on Tuesdays and went home on Fridays. My sister spent the night with her on Tuesday and stayed with her all day on Wednesday. I went there after work on Wednesday and spent the night with her and stayed through Thursday. I didn't take Deuce to see her after the first surgery but I took him to see her on Tuesday after the second surgery.
He was a little scared at first. He gave her a kiss if he was being held and we tried to get him to lay in the bed with her but he wasn't having it. We showed him her big knee brace and told him Nana had a boo boo. He looked sad and then showed Nana his boo boo, which is a barely there anymore scrape from a few weeks back.

After a few minutes he loosened up and became his normal self. My sister had brought us dinner so we set up and ate in the room. Deuce found the box of gloves on the wall and they were at the perfect height for him to reach them. I found him getting frustrated trying to put them on. He finally said "help!"
So he put his Dr. gloves on and he crawled up on Nana's bed and pretended to check her out. It was adorable. We only stayed for about an hour because mom was really tired and it's pretty difficult to contain a 2 year old in a hospital room. He much preferred running walking up and down the halls waving to all of the nurses.
Mom is doing well with her recovery and is back to PT with Val today.

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