Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The dreaded potty training.

We're getting to that point. We gave Deuce a potty for his 2nd birthday. I mean c'mon.... what kid isn't excited about a potty as a birthday present? So we haven't been pushing the issue as of right now. The potty is there for him to use and I usually ask him before bath time but it gets much more use as a stepstool for brushing teeth than it does for peeing in it. He has peed in it a couple of times and i make sure to go cuh-razy with excitement when he does. We high five, fist bump/expolsion and all of that good stuff. But he doesn't really seem to want to do it very often. When he first got it he liked sitting on it, just beacuse. Now, he could care less. So I'm not worried about it at this moment. He has started telling me over the past week when he pees in his diaper, which is a good thing. He is recognizing that he has gone to the bathroom and needs to be changed. When he poops he goes into his room, closes the door, takes care of business and then comes out. He won't let me change him right away and if I ask if he pooped he replies with "not yet!" However he refuses to sit in it so if he won't let me change him, I ususally just try to sit him on my lap or in a chair and he says, "no, pee pee change!"
yes, there is pee in there.
When we do go for the training, I want to be fully invested in it, with no turning back. I want to let him pee on himself and figure out that he doesn't like it so I have to be mentally, emotionally and physically ready to change his clothes 50 times a day, repeatedly make him sit on the potty and just totally focus on pee & poop. I'm not sure if I'm even ready for that yet. Sometimes it's nice that taking the kid to the potty doesn't have to interrupt whatever we're doing right now. But I will be glad to not purchase diapers & wipes anymore.
this was a "cheeeeese" face. not a straining face.
and he was eating grapes at the same time.
I read on another blog that some parents decided that when they were ready to train, they decided together and developed their own method of going about it. They purchased the same diapers their son wore {and recognized} in a newborn size. One morning when he woke up they "attempted" to put the diaper on and when it woldn't fit they told their son that he had grown so much overnight that he was a big boy now and couldn't fit into diapers. It totally worked for them. Of course, he had accidents and it took a few days for him to get it, but he was mentally ready because they had convinced him he was a big boy. I love that idea and think I might use it when we're ready.

Any other advice? Special techniques for boys?

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